NIME Project Ready

control time/the ticktock sound; installations with several different size of clocks. clock pointers are being controlled by sounds and my movements. pointers would be controlled by motors, face of the clock could be projected. At the end, face should be disappear.      

Text Generator Bot

For this Bot project, I wanna make a bot that could interact with people. So I finished the example code of how to react when someone followed you, mentioned you. Then I feel I wanna do something more dynamic. Since I took the machine learning class this semester, I wonder it would be so cool…

Video&Sound Final

We spent 2 weeks to edit the video,  and the most challenging part might be to find a sound track match the video. We thought we could do something interesting, so instead of using some futuristic sound, we tried some war sounds, and it surprisingly worked. Also, we took Gabe’s advice of some cuts are…

Video&Sound Week4

This week, our group made helmets, went out and shoot a bunch of rough footages. Based on our concept, we need to make a helmet with a small nozzle, so we used balloons to make it. Basically, we just blew balloons and taped with those balloons with adhesive tape. Then burst balloons, we got helmets….

Video&Sound Week 3

This week, my group members and I had the brainstorm for the final video project. Because we are all interested in design fiction, which in my point of view is to design an imaginary solution solving existed issue or foreseeable issue. These are some ideas we came up with: A contraption like an invisible bubble that…

Audio Week2

This week,  we finished our group assignment. We recorded the audio in the building, which is inspiriting, Marco, Katya and I recorded every floor of our building. Afterwards,  we edited our audio separately, basically tried all sorts of different effects and ended up with combining all our edition together, making a unique piece of audio.

Video&Audio Week 1

The first week, interesting! I met my group members, we learned how to record sound decently, and we got to know some fancy equipment that I have no experience before. We recorded the whole process of walking outside the building, stepping into a shop and taking a tour in the metro. Here are my dear group…