Connected Devices. No to NO UI

I read the article of “No to NoUI” and it solved some of my thesis question.

I not a fan of those interactive installations or tools or objects that I have to read the whole instruction first and then I start to know how to play with/use/interact with it. Generally I just have reading small letters in a long paragraph compare to a straightforward image. So for the thesis, I wanna explore how people interact with an object with their instincts. And I have the question: what make people have those intuitive actions that when they saw something they just kinda know how to interact with in a correct way? Such like people saw a button, people push it; people saw a slider, people slide it; people saw a water valve, people turn it.

The obvious answer is just experience. But what if the objects is something people never seen before? How they would interact with it without any experience?

This article gives me a deeper answer: culture. True, culture decides our daily experience and then decide what we called instincts. And even if it’s an unknown objects, culture also decides how we explore new stuffs in our daily life. And I believe what the article said: interface are part of cultural expression and participation. So dose interaction.

To build trust and confidence in an interface in the first place, enough that it can comfortably recede into the background.

Those statements are inspiring. They enhance the human culture and remind me again that design is part of cultures. Cultures drive people thinking in a particular way.

Maybe I should rethink my thesis.

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