Help Yourself Smoking


When I was younger, I’m super obsessed with fire flame, especially the cigarette flame. When you blow a burning cigarette, it’s gonna light up, that effects are so satisfying to me. Also, I feel it’s strangely interesting seeing yourself smoking, so I tried to map live camera image, which is users side face, to the rubber head, in front of users.

However it’s difficult to map face accurately cuz people have different face, that’s why I put a hat onto the rubber head.



As to the interaction, I loaded three video into processing and use Arduino to manipulate these three videos. The sensor I’m using is just a microphone. I googled another sensor called wind sensor, it’s more accurate, but it’s too big. If I could make this project in a larger scale, I would consider that sensor.

The processing code is much harder than I imagine, cuz I have to calculate how long the cigarette have been burned and then map the smoke and the light-up effects on it. So for further improvement, I would consider manipulate videos in max.

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