Receipt/ Final /AR

Collaborate with Mingna.


Receipt is a small daily object that we do not pay much attention to and even we sometimes discard receipts easily, but it is the trace of our important life decisions. We wanted to use AR to reveal big life moment through a small daily object.

First we come up with a serial general life big moments:

  1. When you are a kid, what’s your dream?
  2. When you just graduated, step in workplace, you work hard and stay up late a lot.
  3. When you have kids.
  4. When your parents pass away.

And this is our first setting:

We wanna people feel it’s a messy corner full of receipts, like real life, but it’s record your big moments of your life.


Final Improvement

For final, we decided keep exploring this concept. But instead of general big moment of life, we wanna it become more personal, so we added audio to this project.

So Mingna recorded three stories about the object they bought and the memory related to that object from random different people.

Cello Audio:

Cake Audio:

Motorcycle Audio:

These stories are beautiful and personal. To enhance that feeling, we added some physical interaction to it. We created a breathing light for each receipt. When viewer read the receipt, light is on. It is like the receipt become alive. When they put the receipt down, light fades off.

After class critique, we could do serial communication between unity and Arduino,  turn lights on/off when the image target is triggered. Also we would like to make this piece to a larger scale, collect more stories of more categories.


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