Let there Be Light

Rough Idea:

Light installation.

Emotional light. Express fear, cheer up or other motions via light, (color, brightness, frequency…) could add some interaction using distance sensor.


Collaborated with Gilad. For the concept, we want light to be alive, to express emotions, to trigger people’s desire of approaching it and to react to people’s action. It’s about connection and communication between two “lives”. But what is another “life” that talked to you? Or is it really a life? What’s that then?

Based on this concept, we decided to make a life under the floor, light could express it’s feelings, and make it seems like it’s scared about people.

We laser cut the cracks and holes that could emit light, and built a box as an apophysis of the floor to make it more real. 

Then we designed the circuit that when people getting closer to the hole, the light (which would blink like it’s breathe) would blink faster to express it’s getting nervous and scared, sound would change frequency as well.

We tried different light source like RGB led matrix panel, RGB led strip and white led strip, at the end we go for the white led strip.

To make the light more obvious, we used smoke machine and a fan.

Lastly, we used projection mapping to map the patterns on the floor to the box, make more natural.

Title: life underneath


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