PBP Final Concept

My grandma passed away when I was 12, she is so important to me and influenced me a lot. But now I cannot remember exactly what she looks like, even though I’m watching her photos, I still fell a little strange, which make me think that time keeps erasing our memories, especially when we are not paying attention to it, it pasts faster.

I was thinking of using eye tracking to detect if users are focus on the screen or they are detected by other stuff. Make some time difference to sketch during those two status. For instance, make sketch change faster, more blur, looks more older when they are distracted. Otherwise the sketch would change too slightly to be aware of or maybe even recover a little.

Here is the resource of eye tracking.

This is a photo of my parents in their 20s, I may add some blur or distortion effects to this photo when I was not staring at them. But if I start focus on this photo, it will stop changing or even recover a little.

The point I wanna express from this project is to remind people that time is always pass by, always erasure our memory, so regardless how busy we are, just pay more attention to people around you, to something you really care, maybe that could slow down the process of forgetting.

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