MOMA Visit


I like this piece because it shows a relationship between something physical and the light. It’s interesting to notice that the differences between the physical art piece and the shadow of it.  Undoubtedly, how the shadow shape depends on the light’s direction, it’s just occur to me that the light set is fixed or differ from every setup? If it’s fixed, is there any message that the author of the piece wanna express through the fixed shadow?  If it’s not fixed, it just make me curious about what else would the shadow looks like with different light direction?

This piece belongs to David Hammons, he used a dirty basketball to make this piece and the interesting part is he also showed the basketball behind the piece. This basketball helped a lot for me to imagine how he did this piece.

I’m also curious about this one, it seems like a big plastic sheets with holes covers an abstract painting.  How those hole were made?  In certain way? or just randomly? How the sheet covers the painting? Is it fixed? Different color are exposed through different hole, even there are three different color in the plastic sheets, is any of those are related?

This one is a bit special, the author used different layers to do this piece, to make it become a three dimension work, and also I like the usage of color and shapes.

I feel like this piece is more critical, the base is a famous painting-last supper, but in sketch, and above that, it’s a price tag, a trademark of Dove, make me wonder is it an art piece? or commodity? or even an advertisement? What’s  art? Does it have price? Would it become a advertisement in some ways? How to define it?

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