Woaw Midterm

The midterm piece is a collaboration work with Yifan Liu.

What was the initial idea?

The initial idea about this piece is to explore the messy street, and do some interaction to buildings, Neon light, character inside.

What would you do differently if you had to start the project over from scratch?

We tried different interaction in these piece, like set a trigger to change materials, I think we could try more different interactions, such like open a door, do some animation. Also because we bought the assets from marketplace, the assets are so nice. I would play with them, and create another totally different scene, that would be fun.

Why are you going to or not going to stick with idea?

I like the idea of exploring a new environment, the only thing i would add to the piece is to add more interactions and even a complete storyline.


This is another version of the scene, because of the navigation, I accidentally found that you can go the second floor when you explore the world, it’s a totally different perspective to observe the scene, I think it’s pretty fun.

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