Woaw Week2

Those are screenshots that from my first unreal scene. Inspired by another unreal piece called practical effects.

I like the light effects and the whole environment in this unreal piece. So I decided to create a scene that have snow particles, ice floor and snow mountains. I migrate some elements from particle effects, such like all different kinds of snow, one sculpture with fire. To make the scene more mysterious, I added some fog and clouds. Other parts I mostly just follow steps in the screen record video from last class.

So I imagine that sitting on the chair with a firing sculpture nearby in snowstorm. Which is interesting that I’m so cold sitting in that situation and have to gain some warmness from the fire which will never be extinguished by the snowstorm.

As to the experience to the Lab, I’m pretty enjoy the whole process of playing with it. The controllers are controlling the position of people in scenes, which could avoid users walking to other points and that can actually prevent us from too dizzy playing with vr games. Plus, the lab can sensor different gestures of hands, which enables the game with abound interactions between users and vr games. I think that is a huge difference from purely vr video between vr games.

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