Worlds on Wire Week 1 First experience with Oculus

I’m pretty satisfied with my first experience of Oculus and I tried some awesome VR pieces.

The most impressive one is the one that playing with a robot, in this piece I keep grabbing things, clicking things and waving hands. The feedback that when I touch something, controllers vibrate and sound effects undoubtedly enhance the experience. The robot is so cute and the way you interact with him like a real human is amazing. I can play with it all day, even though I’m a little dizzy after 10 mins.

Another piece is the Henry. It’s a sweet sweet VR movie, perfectly well done. The sound and those details on the hedgehog’s face, balloons’ movement are all so adorable and effective that just make the whole story much more convincing. I observed the decoration of the whole house at the beginning and it’s so interesting for me just stand at the center of a hedgehog’s house and feel everything near me.

VR is so powerful in so many different field. As to storytelling, VR as a tool,  also can give audience a brand new experience.

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