Nothing Week1 F For Fake

What is real and what is fake? This movie makes me doubt the authenticity of everything that we believed. It’s hard for us to test and verify something is real or fake such as an art piece. What’s the difference between the drawing of Elmyr de Hory and the drawing of Picasso if these two drawing are so similar that no one can tell which one is real? Dose the signature of art pieces can define the their value? Why people act totally different when they get to know the drawing that they were appreciated is pseudo?

In terms of art pieces, I believe that the most important element is the thinking behind the work rather than how this art piece looks like. That being said, the most valuable and irreproducible part of an art piece is the story of the work, so physical similarity is not that crucial anymore.

However, think this another way, if something is actually not exist, but we give it with sufficient details in all different dimensions, we can make people to believe it is real which is powerful.


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