Final Project Plan

Our final project changed a little from the initial version.  Because we are gonna to deal with real water, if we use traditional monitor to demonstrate our sketch, it will be a lot of glass boxes, which we worried that it’s  not clear enough, people may get confused and then affect their experience. So we changed our plan-use a projector.


1. Turn on the valve;

2. Virtual water will fall down;

3.If the water horizon meets a certain level, the real water will spill out(somewhere between the top and the bottom of the curtain);

4. If people touch real water, there will be some interaction on the sketch. We are considering make the interaction more like the real situation that how will water reaction to people’s different gestures. Or we can create a story line for the sketch, connecting with the real water.

5.There is a lever which is similar to the lever on a toilet, sucking water to disappear.


Nov.8-Nov.12: User test/Camera test/Purchase necessary parts

Nov.13-Nov.20: Purchase necessary parts/ start working on p5 sketch/ start building circuit and arduino code

Nov.21-Nov.28: p5 sketch/ build circuit and arduino code/ start fabrication

Nov.29-Dec.5: p5 sketch/ build circuit and arduino code/  fabrication

Test Plan

For test, we wanna let people explore that how to play with our project. And after that we are going to ask some questions like:

If it’s clear in terms of how to interact with the project, if not, how to make it clearer?

What interaction do you expect or want when you touch real water?

What kind of change of the sketch are you imagining when you play with water?


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