Pcomp Final Project Concept

  • Based on my midterm project.

Physically input controlling visual water in p5 is my midterm project. One idea based on this is to project the sketch to a wall and use sensors or Kinect to enable people playing with the visual water (not necessarily water). I thought it would be fun and would attract people to play.

I found a similar installation online:

It’s so similar to my initial idea that makes me start considering abandon this plan, it’s still super cool tho.

Another idea based on my midterm project is to make waterline increase, and when the waterline increase to a certain level, make real water spill out of the screen.

From the picture, there is a two layers box which is full of real water, and when waterline is over some level, the real water start spilling to the bigger empty box right outside of the water box. And the empty box could collect water and reuse water.

I think the difficult part would be how to deal with real water and how to make those boxes. But the Pcomp part maybe not a big challenge.

  • Other ideas

I’m also interested in other more complicated project, in terms of Pcomp perspective. But I’m still looking for some inspirations.


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