Fabrication Week 6

This week is about making something moving and I decided to make a lamp with rotating light sources.

Step1:I laser cut the lampshade and tried it on the cardboard first and then cut the paper.


Step2: I stuck the paper to another layer that transparent to light with hot glue and rolled them up.


Step 3. I mounted a DC motor to a piece of wood.

This is the motor that I used. I can mount the motor by using bolt because there are two holes on the top of the motor.

And this is the piece of wood that I laser cut before I mount.

To drill two holes matching to those two holes on the motor, I tried drill bits first. However, I just couldn’t drill two hole that perfectly match. So I end up laser cutting these two holes.

Also, I used standoffs to make the motor be mounted.

Besides, I need mount a stick to the motor. I used a shaft couplers.

Step 4: I soldered batteries to the motor, and made a bottom piece of the lamp (foam board), using standoffs to fasten.

I drilled a piece of circular wood and placed it on the shaft coupler to support LED stripes.

And I twined 3 different LED stripes.

Then, I finished:




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