Fabrication Week 5

This week’s assignment is to make something with 2 materials that we are not familiar with, and we cannot use any plywood or acrylic.

Instead of buying materials online, I bought my materials in Blick, cause I didn’t plan early which I shouldn’t do it again next week.

I bought 3 pieces of foam boards, which is a big failure because I was told that foam boards cannot be laser cut. Therefore, I have to scissor and cut them manually.

Afterwards, I stacked up whole bunch of pieces from big to small and stuck them together with hot glue.

Because I cut all these pieces manually, I need to polish edges of every piece.

Next step is to add some pushpins.

And ideally, I can make some beautiful effects by twining hemp strings between pushpins. However, it seems not that good when I finished. 🙁



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  1. Ben Light says:

    Good work. But I need more information from you. Also, larger images would really be appreciated.

    How did you polish the side of the foam core? With a Dremel? From your image of the Dremel, I don’t see a bit installed in the spindle, how did you use it?

    Why do you think the finished piece is not good? What were you going for? Did you have a plan, design, image in mind? Did you see something that you were trying to emulate?

    1. Chengchao says:

      Oh, no, I didn’t install a spindle, that’s why the Dremel worked not well. I should have known that.
      Because I tried several times twined hemp strings, I thought I can make a pattern or something recognizable. But it’s hard drawing with strings.

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