Fabrication Week4

This week we are going to make an enclosure. After so many inspirations in class, it’s just becoming harder to choose one. Since the enclosure could combine the assignment of physical computing, I finally planed to make a speaker.

Step 1: Finish the circuit upon Arduino.

I used the ultrasonic distance sensor to change the frequency of notes.  The distance between the obstruction and the sensor longer, the frequency higher. In this way, individuals can just move their hands in front of the sensor, the speaker would make a frequency changing sound.

Step 2: Use laser cutter to make 6 boards for the enclosure.

2.1: I measured the necessary scale of components with digital caliper.

2.2: I draw 6 boards in illustrator in real size.

2.3: Laser cutting!

Step3: Stick components and boards together with wood glue.

Besides, assembled the LED holder and the potentiometer’s cap.

And stuck them into the board.

Step 4: The last board, in order to make the board can easily be taken off, I chose the velcro to stick it with the speaker body. Before that, I need some small wood pieces to extend the superficial area for velcro.

I used bandsaw to make small thin wood pieces. And stuck them behind the speaker with glue gun.

Then stuck velcro to those small pieces of wood.

Velcro works, but the problem is there exists a gap between the body and the board. It’s hard to find a position of small pieces that can provide enough support for velcro to stick the board without gap.

Finally, enclosure finished!







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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work. I really like the speaker grill and where the components are placed.

    I would suggest not gluing up the wooden box with the components already attached to the panels. That could not have been easy.

    Velcro is a great connector, I’m glad you used it.

    I think a quick paint job would make the enclosure look very polished.

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