ICM v&s

This week’s assignment is about video and sound. And this is my pcomp midterm sketch, I thought it might be interesting that I add a new media to it. I changed the sketch a little : Next step is to add some color from camera. I was inspired by one sketch on the openprocessing web:…

Pcomp Midterm

Concept Our idea for midterm is to physically control the visual water. Initially, we planed to use a potentiometer to control a servo which is connected with a cup, making it tilt, then water in the p5 sketch changes. However after talked with Tom, we decided to use a valve which is more natural for…

Video&Sound Final

We spent 2 weeks to edit the video,  and the most challenging part might be to find a sound track match the video. We thought we could do something interesting, so instead of using some futuristic sound, we tried some war sounds, and it surprisingly worked. Also, we took Gabe’s advice of some cuts are…

Fabrication Week 6

This week is about making something moving and I decided to make a lamp with rotating light sources. Step1:I laser cut the lampshade and tried it on the cardboard first and then cut the paper.   Step2: I stuck the paper to another layer that transparent to light with hot glue and rolled them up….

ICM Week6

This week, I used some simple html element to make a interactive page. I create a button, a slider and a place for text input. It’s much easier than I just use p5 javascript to create those interactive things.

Fabrication Week 5

This week’s assignment is to make something with 2 materials that we are not familiar with, and we cannot use any plywood or acrylic. Instead of buying materials online, I bought my materials in Blick, cause I didn’t plan early which I shouldn’t do it again next week. I bought 3 pieces of foam boards,…

ICM Week5

After learning array, I can try a bunch of new effects with only bubbles. This week, I tried a sketch using array and class. And this is what I did this week. This is my code: It looks simple, and that’s why we are using array and class, which would make our code more readable….

Video&Sound Week4

This week, our group made helmets, went out and shoot a bunch of rough footages. Based on our concept, we need to make a helmet with a small nozzle, so we used balloons to make it. Basically, we just blew balloons and taped with those balloons with adhesive tape. Then burst balloons, we got helmets….

Pcom Week4

This week, I tried a speaker with changing frequency depending on the ultrasonic distance sensor. The Schematic is displayed below. This is the code. It’s a simple circuit, I combine the circuit with fabrication and make a speaker with a “body”.    

Fabrication Week4

This week we are going to make an enclosure. After so many inspirations in class, it’s just becoming harder to choose one. Since the enclosure could combine the assignment of physical computing, I finally planed to make a speaker. Step 1: Finish the circuit upon Arduino. I used the ultrasonic distance sensor to change the…