Video&Sound Week 3

This week, my group members and I had the brainstorm for the final video project. Because we are all interested in design fiction, which in my point of view is to design an imaginary solution solving existed issue or foreseeable issue.

These are some ideas we came up with:

  • A contraption like an invisible bubble that people use to immigrate over border walls.
  • Poor guys and rich guys role reversal.ex. rich can barely afford food bc sliding scale for it.
  • An attachment nozzle to a breathing mask so people can still make out. <3 (air pollution in the year 2018)
  • Using people to generate electricity. Overpopulation + green energy.
  • Becoming robots, cyborgs overtime.
  • Stealing abilities to replace disabilities.
  • Year 3020. most of earth is flooded. people live in bubble structures and have special shoes that allow them to glide over water and maybe tasers to avoid sharks? everyone is pescatarian.

We end up choosing the idea: an attachment nozzle to a breathing mask so people can still make out.

The background of the story is that air is too dangerous for human beings to breath, individuals have to wear a breathing mask.

However, people still need to drink, eat, make eye contact, whisper even kiss outside. Thus, we design the mask.

Here is the storyboard.


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