Fabrication Week 3 Laser Cutter

This week, finally, we learned how to use the laser cutter.

Because acrylic embraces the property that it can transmit light, thus the idea that making a light bulb comes up.

Firstly, I found the image of a light bulb and then put it in the illustrator and to be prepared of laser cutting, I changed the file a little to meet the laser cutter’s requirement. I set the stroke weight of the bulb’s outline to 0.01pt for cutting and filled other parts of the bulb to make sure they were going to be etched.

Afterwards, I used a piece of cardboard to test my setup, and it’s not bad.

So, I  tried on a piece of acrylic.

Great, I got a perfect acrylic bulb.

Of course, to light up the bulb, I need LEDs illuminating at the bottom of the bulb. Therefore, I need a container not only to support the bulb but also to hide  LEDs.

I measured the thickness of the acrylic and LEDs using the digital caliper, which is super convenient and straightforward. Then cut a block of wood into two pieces and stuck the bulb between them using the wood glue.


Next step, I build the circuit. It’s quite easy, basically, I just used electric wires to connect resistors, LEDs, switch, and batteries.

Next, I stuck LEDs into the gap between two pieces.

To hide the “ugly circuit”, I cut 4 pieces of wood and stuck them together as a box to contain those components.

Finally, I finished!

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  1. Ben Light says:

    Great work. The light effect is really nice, is that standard acrylic or something special?
    Where did you find the lightbulb design? You should document the source.
    I’d like to know more about the wood box. More pictures.

    1. chengchao says:

      It’s a standard acrylic. I found the lightbulb design at Iconfinder, forgot to put the link. This is the lightbulb:https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/407920/bulb_creative_fresh_idea_light_icon#size=128.
      As to the box, I forgot to take photos when I was making it, I should have taken:(

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