Fabrication Week 2

This week, we have been taught how to use those big machines and all bunch of other useful clamps and jigs, which is awesome, I feel like I have owned all prerequisite to making a masterpiece, yet let me begin a small one.

The inspiration of this week’s work is from an emoji of Wechat.

I used wood to build up its body and wires to make up its legs and horns.

Step 1. Cut the initial wood material into pieces and every piece is 15cm*10cm.

I need two pieces to make up for one body, so I used taps to make two pieces of wood stick together.

Then I used the band saw.

To make sure I did everything right, I draw the sketch of the dinosaur’s body on one piece of the wood in advance, then cut them using the band saw.

Step2. Make 10 pieces wood with the dinosaur shape.

I used tap twice at two dimensions to make sure every time  I used the band saw to cut the wood, I would have exactly the same shape among the bundle of wood.

After I roughly got the dinosaur shape, I used grinding machine to make the shape more smooth.

Step 3. Make legs, horns, and eyes.

I utilized black wires and wire bending jigs to make other parts of the dinosaur.

Step4. Finish.

Stick all parts together with the glue gun.

Finally, cute dinosaurs finished~


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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work and good documentation.

    I would not suggest taping all of the wood together when cutting on the bandsaw. That is a fairly thick stack and the tape could come loose, it is not the safest way to work. In the future, please do not do this.

    But I do like the idea of taping it together when using the power sander. Good idea.

    I like that you used wire. Instead of hot glue, would it be possible to drill small holes in the wood and stick the wire in them?

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