Video&Audio Week 1

The first week, interesting! I met my group members, we learned how to record sound decently, and we got to know some fancy equipment that I have no experience before. We recorded the whole process of walking outside the building, stepping into a shop and taking a tour in the metro. Here are my dear group friends:

Reaction to reading and video materials.

Originality is a dangerous word because it is so hard to define a stuff original today. You will never know if the “original stuff”, that you are calling, has already been invented by someone in somewhere on earth years ago. Plus, strictly speaking, there is nothing that really is created from anything not exist before. People create things relying on their knowledge or maybe are inspired by other’s works which are outside or their world. Without those inputs, we lose our basis to create. In that perspective, originality is inexistent.

Personally, I think there exists a degree of originality. Standing on the shoulders of giants is great, and after you take beautiful things from giants, combine them with your own perspective inside of your world, then create a partially original stuff. How much percentages of the stuff are from inside of your world is a degree of originality. However, I am not giving an explanation related to originality, I think we shouldn’t pay so many attention to originality, after all, no one could make stuff fully originally, we should focus on our work in which way we could express idea differently, meaningfully, interestingly, and at the end just list the reference that you used.

Reaction to sound walk.

We went to the sound walk in Central Park, it’s incredible. We listened the audio, walking through the park, with a series of instructions: stop, turn right, go back, turn around etc. We walked along with her instructions, it’s an interesting experience.

The most impressing part is we can hear the background noise in this audio, I heard the sound of people talking, having a phone call, singingeven a gun shot. All of these make me feel real, like I was genuinely walking with her, experiencing same situations. And her voice is relaxing, soft, charming, I feel like she is whispering to me. This unique sound walk occurs me that sound could be powerful, it’s, even more, magic than the visual stuff in some dimensions.


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