ICM Week 1.

It’s actually my first time that program with a visible preview window, watching different outcomes in the real-time between two distinct coding expressions. In time feedback enable me of faster self-study and efficient error correction which is helpful for starters to accomplish their work. That being said that computation in these way would be significantly beneficial to those artists who tend to create interactive media but with little programming experience.

Computation is undoubtedly crucial for interactive design. To become a UX designer, the knowing computation would give a sense of how things work, and it would extend my imagination about the way human interact with products. For example, Auto Flowerpot, one of my projects, is designed to adjust the ambient light, with a screen displaying some basic indexes of ambient light. The only way to change the default values is pressing buttons on the circuit board.


Computation could apply to this project. If the screen was replaced by a touching screen, interactive gestures, such like finger move or finger press, were designed to increase/decrease the values, this Auto Flowerpot would be more innovative.

As to my first work in P5, I used 2D primitive shapes and random functions, relating to “mouse X”,  which enables the sketch to interact with people.

When I was coding, I encountered several issues:

  • Got misunderstanding between stroke() and strokeWeight(), which results in invisible lines.
  • Still have some questions about function curve. It seems confusing at the first control point and the last control point. Keep working on it.
  • The positions of shapes are difficult to calculate precisely, I had to try a couple of times.
  • Cannot fill colors between two lines or two shapes.

All in all, there are lots of functions that I’m not familiar with and tons of fancy ways of interaction that I’m interested. Javascript is easy to learn especially with the web editor. I’m looking forward to the next class!


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