Week 1 Flashlight

When I was told to make a flashlight, a bunch of fancy flashlight pictures which I collected online was flashing in my mind. Since I love everything with wood color or texture, I was going to make a woody flashlight. Therefore I picked some materials in the shop:

However, I forgot that professor hadn’t taught us how to use power machines cutting woods in smaller pieces. So I finally decided to make a “starter flashlight.”

The electrical circuit of a flashlight is easy, just connect a led and two aa batteries with electric wire, the LED would make light.

To make sure the light is strong enough, I soldered three LEDs together and finished other parts of the circuit with tap and soldering.

Next step is to make a body. I need two materials. One has to be transparent for light going through, and another should be opaque for covering the “ugly physical circuit.” Therefore, I choose bubble plastic paper and the first layer of cardboard.

Before making the body, the bubble plastic paper should be disposed to remove the additional bubble.

Additionally, I didn’t put a switch in the circuit. Instead,when I press the wire in the bottom, the circuit connected,  LEDs shine; On the contrary, when I loosen the wire, circuit unconnected, LEDs darken.

Finally, I got my flashlight!

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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work. Good use of found materials. I really like the use of bubble wrap.
    Don’t worry, we’ll learn to use the saw this coming week.

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